About Us

About the Rocky Mountain PGA Section

The Rocky Mountain PGA Section is 1 of 41 sections that make up the Professional Golfers’ Association of America. The national body consists of over 28,000 members and associates. The Rocky Mountain Section PGA includes 280 golf professionals throughout parts of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Nevada.

The Rocky Mountain PGA Section was established as an association of qualified golf professionals dedicated to promoting the game by positively impacting lives through golf. In this effort, the Section provides education and playing opportunities, perpetuates and preserves employment opportunities for its members, and brings awareness and support to the Rocky Mountain Section PGA Foundation. In doing so, the Section elevates the image of its members, the PGA of America and the game of golf.

The Section is governed by a board of directors comprised of 10 Rocky Mountain PGA Professionals. The day to day operation of business is conducted by a staff of three employees.

Our Mission

The mission of the Section shall be to promote the enjoyment and involvement of the game of golf within the Section, and to contribute to its growth by providing services to golf professionals and the golf industry within the Section.

The Section will accomplish this mission by enhancing the skills of its professionals and the opportunities for amateurs, employers, manufacturers, employees, and the general public within the Section.

In doing so, the Section will elevate the standards of the professional golfers’ vocation, enhance the economic well-being of the individual member, stimulate interest in the game of golf, and promote the overall vitality of the game within the Section.

Rocky Mountain PGA Foundation

The Rocky Mountain Section PGA Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization whose purpose is to promote and develop programs dedicated to young people throughout the geographic territory of the Rocky Mountain Section PGA. It is a priority of the Foundation to grow the game while using the game and its core values of honesty, integrity, respect, courtesy, sportsmanship and perseverance to enhance the quality of life for all youths.

In an effort to achieve its purpose and mission, the Rocky Mountain Section PGA Foundation currently supports and administers the following programs:


The Rocky Mountain Section PGA Foundation administers the Snake River Chapter and Yellowstone Chapter Scholarship Programs. These scholarships are funded through the Foundation and have been in existence for the last forty-three years providing scholarships to college bound high school seniors.

Clubs For Kids

The Clubs For Kids program is a way for kids ages 3-12 to begin to enjoy the game of golf. During a typical Clubs for Kids experience, juniors are provided with a custom-fitted golf club.

LPGA USGA Girls Golf Club

In conjunction with the LPGA Foundation, the Rocky Mountain Section PGA Foundation administers the LPGA USGA Girls Golf Club in Boise, Idaho. The program is a developmental junior golf program that encourages girls ages 7-17 to learn to play golf, build friendships and sample competition in a non-threatening environment.

Junior Golf Access Program

The Junior Golf Access Program was created in an effort to provide youngsters with the opportunity to enjoy the game regardless of financial status. Through the Junior Golf Access Program, juniors receive complimentary practice balls and rounds of golf at participating Rocky Mountain PGA golf facilities by presenting a Junior Access coupon. The Foundation issues the Junior Access coupons to schools, youth organizations and golf courses for distribution.

Golf Competitions

The Rocky Mountain Section PGA Foundation provides affordable, competitive and fun events in which young men and women have the opportunity to test their skills and learn sportsmanship. It is our goal to provide competitive junior golf events with first-class competition.

Support & Cooperation

In addition to the programs administered directly by the Rocky Mountain Section PGA Foundation, the Foundation lends it support to many regional junior golf association including the Idaho Junior Golf Association and the Wheat Montana Junior Golf Association.